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As competing without reducing your entrance

A friend commented his experience to me that he had with an emblematic restaurant of his city. The place has its history and its name was known by its exquisite food of sea. A day, my friend visited the place and the sad impression that took the prices had raised and the portions were handicapped; before this visual disappointment, its gustatory perception was affected reason why it did not enjoy the subject of gossip as in other occasions.

My friend, like the majority of the clients in any segment, was not resigned to continue being client of €œan identical€ restaurant that it €œit had betrayed€ but it looked for and it found another alternative with characteristics as far as the subject of gossip that originated this crisis of fidelity but with a smaller price.

This is a very common situation before or during an undertaking, particularly when our product has similars properties or characteristics that those of our competition. Notice that the detonating of the disagreement of my friend was not the price but €œthe size of the portions€.  Of this common factor we can contribute the following suggestions that will help you to compete even though there are other companies that sell products similar to yours.


To focus in the individual. Its needs and aspirations

For one first good impression and to reduce possibilities of last a bad impression you must focus in the aspirations of your potential client: because it would buy, it would even continue buying and because it would stop doing it. The USA tools to collect the greater amount and information necessary to give an idea you of it. If you can interview to some of them to know his degree of satisfaction you will learn much of them. A simple one They enjoyed his demurrage in€¦? It has some suggestion for us?  But more important, to make annotations of it and to take them in serious, the most problematic clients even can contribute with excellent suggestions.


To take care of the quality.

The clients are prepared to pay by something if they think that what is worth. When we spoke of quality, we talked about to the perception of quality of the client,Fotolia_64064899_XS

that for some it will be the size, for others the form, additives, durability, visual aspect, etc.  In summary, everything what the client to whom goes directed the product causes a real satisfaction.

Sometimes we aimed to give a added value to the product, nevertheless we must have very in clear that an irrelevant value is only a added cost.


To reduce unnecessary costs.

It is very certain that the competition of prices far always produces a negative effect that can take to the bankruptcy to any business. Although in counted cases it works, not always we are in the capacity to compete on the matter.

The competition of prices is only valid when we know that our production costs are inferiors - even very inferiors to those of our competition, to the point that without neglecting the quality of the product we can sell to prices inferiors to the cost of our competition and still to receive a utility that allows to maintain the continuity of the operations in case it works or this strategy does not work. Its objective is the bankruptcy of the competition, the monopoly and later the speculation. My recommendation is that you do not play it as much because of being dishonest as also because it is a strategy of high risk. Even for the reputation of your brand.

To saveWhat you can do instead of it, is to reduce or to eliminate nonexcellent costs, to automate everything what you can, to create multifunctional positions, where he is applicable, but that does not saturate your employees, rather improving its wage in order that you can save until a 50% of the wages that could be destined to new hirings.

To realise an honest study of the processes of your business and the dialogue with the personnel can help you to make better decisions as far as this, of this form you will conserve your labor climate. For example, a dispenser of drinks can be an unnecessary cost but in the majority of the cases it is an investment.


To construct one marks

Much people decide where to buy according to she feels identified with a brand. A handled and spread brand or can represent things as €œYouth€, €œStatus€, €œPower€, €œFreedom€, €œSocial Property€, etc. Is for that reason that we found successful to the tax exemptions as Tacobell, McDonalds, Dunkin' Donuts, etc. To invest in corporative identity if you look for to maintain the continuity of your business or trains. It is not only tried to get to be a multinational tax exemption, but of respect by a more and more critical client, who is, in last instance, that if decides a business exists or stops existing.

 These are some of the recommendations more general than they will allow you to compete with other tenderers with similar products to yours. You have other suggestions? Leave them in the commentaries.

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