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Frequently I am with friends that they initiate or they wish to begin a business of any type. From the distribution of some food of massive consumption to real estate focused and services vip in a very specific segment. Each has its own market, strategy, products and prices. But they also have different possibilities or potential from expansion, according to have constructed or no, its model of businesses.

Recently while we talked of private form some people of different parts from Latin America on a proposal of business realised by a specialist in certain area, that was looking for capitalist partners. It turned out to me interesting to see that each had its own idea of what products even had to be the approach of the Preliminary Study and anticipating possible results. By my side I already thought about a line of production of massive reach and also she considered a product stars.

In another situation, already in my present business, in view of the difficult situation in my country for18-Step-previous-before-of-undertake-a-business-premises-dynamice-Alicante-1 different companies and businesses, that they are basically my potential clients; I had to lift the vision, to increase the bar and to try to expand to me. So, I very met with businessmen of different countries using a tool economy: the videoconference. Of this decision, that cost personal adaptation to me and of my model; we could reach important agreements with gains to immediate and medium term.

It is here, that we arrived at the objective of the article: To understand that without concerning the line of business, always it is possible and necessary to expand and to grow.

A friend mine, after the economic depression in the business of the telecommunications that he initiated in 2012 in Ecuador, had to close some offices in different parts from the country. Some advisory assumptions, told him that €œit had grown too fast€, nevertheless, before these affirmations both we were asked what is saying?  What is the speed of growth of a business except the speed of the momentum?

A true man and woman of businesses are always looking for and trying new opportunities, new markets, new possibilities of expansion (now easier with the technology) and when he finds them, he takes advantage of them.

This article does not have the intensity to tell you how nor what to do in each situation. Neither what will be your momentum, nor as identifying the opportunities, nor what is the expansion form that is applied to your model of present business, or when you must correct it. But you accept that you need to grow. That is the whole of the businesses, to which we do not have to fear to him. And yes, there are many owners of business who do not want and fear to grow.

The old man shelp of €œthe eye of the master gets fat to the ox€, I believe that never it meant that the owner must always give to eat the ox. But one talks about to the different forms to take a control, measurement and analysis of quantitative and qualitative indicators that to a Manager, President or Shareholders need to watch a business without having to be all along in a single farm, makes, gets hold of, office, etc.

The important challenge but is to make these measurements of the possible most efficient way. And if it is possible in real time. For it, we counted on devices of audio monitoring in and video, the financial information thrown by the countable and financial control and information systems, other intermediate systems and mechanisms to take more precise reading. The common technologies as emails, programs of chat or mail, among others. But to forget the actual views that they are never others but quite the opposite.

And you, You would share an expansion experience that helps the other readers to make the decision to expand its present business?

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