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How to make render your income efficiently

All we have listened to sometimes the expression €œexceeds month to Me at the end of the pay€. In a world in which the global economy collapses almost every day, any employee must Imagen2to know how how to administer its money efficiently. He does not concern the amount of money that we win, if we know to administer it, we will be able to make it render and we do not have to be expert in finances to obtain it. How we obtained this? The secret of the best economizers of the world is simple: to establish priorities. How to know what is most important? If the money disappears every month of our accounts as by magic art, it is hour to take hold a paper and a pencil, to seat to us in front of the computer and to evaluate our finances once and for all.

Imagen1Our planning can monthly and even daily for be disorganized. We must take into account our income, our debts and our expenses. Simplest it is to determine our income, the others is as seeing our majors done fears reality. To anybody it likes to know how much money spends every month. The positive to plan itself is to know what we can make not to bleed our bank accounts every month and to try to save as minimum a 10% of our income.

The experts removed their accounts and they recommend to divide our income to us of the following way:

  • To destine a 30-35% for the house (including services and maintenance).
  • To destine a 16-20% for foods.
  • To invest a 17-19% in transport (including insurance, gasoline, public transport).
  • To destine a 5-7% for clothes and services (including adjustments, laundry).
  • To invest 5-9% in health (including the insurance).
  • To destine 3-6% for diversion and entertainment.
  • To save 2-10%.
  • For all the other expenses (including magazines and newspapers, expenses of education, taken care of personal, monetary contributions and expenses several) it destines between 7-12%.

Once we have a clearer idea of a where our money is going away all, he will be much more simple to organize themselves and to every month follow these parameters, until arriving at the point in which our bank account has a more stable flow. In order to help us to begin, they exist a number of useful applications in the market that we could use. Most important it is to take that first step towards the economic stability. To reach hands it over our.

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