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Technological and mercadol³gicas tendencies of the 2019

Technological and mercadol³gicas tendencies of the 2019

And how to implement these tendencies in the small and medium business

With the height of the Internet as of 1994, the world changed. To try to stop the progress is as to place a dam in the open sea.

It looks at the live transmission of our interview in the program

One of those changes is that in the 90 ' s to present a product, you had to mobilize you to the press or a newspaper, to hope that it is printed and your announcement spreads or in case of the flying leaves you had to pay somebody so that distributes them with very little capacity of segmentation.

Nowadays with a click you can obtain the triple of the reach of those means, specifying by segments of age, sort, behaviors, etc.

Until the 90 ' s was obligatory to have much capital to mount a physical store and a counter. At present any person can have a virtual store saving until 90% maximizing her productivity.

The problem in our province could be shelp that it is cultural since by ignorance, as well as the bad management of little ethical professionals has been delayed this progress.

In order to put an example, today many commerces as ours they only have been decades with virtual offices (be called webpages), but our greater challenge is to notice as to the greater amount of businessmen it hurts to invest $100 to them, $200 dollars in digital technology for its businesses, perhaps when this represents the fourth u eighth part than its mobile phone costs.

Marketing 4.0

The today client more is informed than ever, but also more been relaxing.

To the client they do not interest to see announcements to him, interests to him to connect, to live experiences, to feel like part of something and there he is where he buys.

Marketing 4,0 Is the evolution of focused original marketing in promoting a product or service by means of an one-way communications.

Nowadays you can not only receive immediate feedback of your advertising campaigns, in addition to it, is obligatory that your project has a work or social purpose, where no longer the one is an only empire that creates and distributes to a product but communities that choose what and how they wish it.

In present no longer we bought brands, we bought experiences, is why influencers they are so famous, and this is because in marketing of today, brands must to have faces more human where the people feel identified not as the canons of long ago but with as current individuals as the Youtubers of today, that are people as us who elevate their voice, and who feel empathy with them, they form micro communities with vote.

And it is that is what matters in our days: That each voice has value and can make a change. Where each position in pyramids of needs can be satisfied.

Mercadologicas tendencies
Evolution of Marketing

Internet 3,0 (increased reality and artificial intelligence)

Web 3,0 or is here is the Web of Big Data and the Artificial intelligence, where or the interpretation of the great amount of data is possible that we provided to companies as Apple, Google or Facebook when using our movable devices and €œgratuitous€ the different use of apps. This data are correlated to predict behaviors among others aspects with the purpose of €œto offer€ things to us before we decide search them.

In what difference with the traditional commerce?

In which the global consumer is on the defense, no longer you convince only with the supply but connecting with its individual interests and preferences.

In many places of the world we found virtual and also physical assistants everywhere (robots). Houses totally connected to Internet from the fore door to the toilets. What separates to us of it? Only our resistance to the change.

I put another example to you. How many people you see in a bank doing tail to pay the electricity? Although there are people but batteries that go to a pharmacy or a near store. But you know that we could save many productive hours if they learned to use their telephones to pay the light, the water, the Internet, buy balance, etc.

Clear that there are swindles, but has that stopped to the USA, Germany or Japan? Always there is a danger but more danger to seem has in the corner of my house that buying in line, clearly if the precautions are taken.

Increased reality: This technology in height allows the combination of the real world and the virtual world. Example: Microsoft Hololens (Lenses to manipulate objects 3D) Project Esper (academic education, anatomy), ARCore de Google. This type of almost virtual experiences, is useful at the time of making decisions since they optimize the so valuable time that we have as well as they increase the possibilities of the commerces of selling more.

Networking and coworking and enterprise Ethics (constructing a healthful commerce)

One of the things that would benefit to us much is a less opportunistic commerce the new entrepreneurs would have to think about satisfying a potential necessity to the group, instead of hoping to that somebody starts a business to copy it.

With my experience I have found more delinquents of necktie than antisocial in the streets and to first I fear more to them.

The lack of ethics damages the market, it robs the faith and the hope of the new entrepreneurs and accentuates the distrust in the old businessmen whom they prefer to remain and so they already know instead of to venture itself to accept the change.

Final advice

Our final advice is the following one: They accept and be united to the global progress. They do not put resistance as the people at the time of Columbus. The progress is here and now and while more soon we become jumbled and we include these advances that could be of physicists as virtual machineries and gadgets as well as, if the hacecemos, more possibilities we will have to prevail in this 2020 and the later years.

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