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Image free, which is the problem?

If you have a page in facebook, instagram, to twitter or some social network, as well as a webpage or beams some type of publicity for same you or some business, always you will feel attemped to use one any photo, vector or animation that you only find in Internet by the fact to appear in the results search, but normally one never imagines that action can bring serious problems (I have seen it and lived).

Normally the photos, images, vectors are used of open form and apparently without consequences, mainly because it is difficult to rake who realised I plague (if she is this one has right of author). But, what happens with the businesses, companies or individuals whose data of contact are throughout? That happens when their publications are placed in servers or platforms that control and accept denunciations by copyright.

It would be a discomfort that to your e-mail or your postal mailbox arrives a reclamation by copyright. Good, perhaps that is not the greater problem, but what yes he is lamentable he is that they censure one of your publications or announcements, which consists of the erasure of the publication or the account that contains it.


Now the amount of invested time imagines to you, so that a small bad decision damages an arduous work.

For such reason that today I present some free resources to you and gratuitous that will allow you to make spectacular publications without risking to you and without fear to be blocked or of being erased.

Freepik €“ Images for Bottoms or Paper free carpet, vectors and photos

Pixabay €“ gratuitous Images

OpenPhoto €“ Free Warehouse of Photos for your projects

Wickimedia €“ We can find images, gratuitous archives of sound and includo €œvideo€.

Extra €“ Resources of Audio

Free music of Rights (Youtube) €“ audio Library of free of author rights.

Free Music Projects is a store online of free music of rights of author for audio-visual and advertising projects.

Jamendo €“ Metheglin free music under Creative Commons license.

Opsound €“ electronic and experimental music with Creative Commons license.


I hope that it is of much utility for you. You know another site in Internet where is possible to be found free resources of author rights? Write down it in the commentaries!

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