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As measuring the success in campaigns of social networks

First we clarify that a real campaign by social networks is not to share to him to your friendly and known your product from your profile and much less to label them to a post on which you sell.

On the other hand, a real campaign uses the official form of a social network to spread. It obeys to the local rules, but mainly it is focused the group of people who interest to you, your potential client.

A campaign by social networks, is the elaborated strategy in order for influencing of €œnatural€ form in public determining and for obtaining affinity with a brand through the different tools that a social network offers.

A previous point before analyzing the fiance, is that you choose the social network following that segmented group and that the published content is in agreement with the social or average network.  This is not only tried to remove the juice to means, but to adapt you to the interests of the group at issue.

woman-690036_960_720The following extract is to seem, which must be your approach, in different means, however, the site emprendedores.es offers an extensive list to us but. The approach of this article is to offer the metric ones to you that is more excellent, since actually it is difficult to measure so many results and data. In order to know if your campaign is working I propose the following indicators to you that you must consider:

For your blogs

1. Daily visits

2. Answers to commentaries

3. Hearing of the content

4. Total of contacts

5. Subscribers when newsletter of the blog

6. Mentions to the blog or your brand

7. Quality of the commentaries


For your accounts in Twitter

1. Frequency. This it is the main data for any equation or formula that you apply. For example, when calculating an average of €œMentions by Post€.

2. Number of mentions and retweets of influential users

3. Number of interchanges with influential journalists, blogueros and twitteros

4. Number of lists that mention to you

5. Number of Followers

6. Changes in the number of Followers

7. Number of click in the connections


For your Facebook account

1. Frequency of the publication

2. Number of fans

3. Evolution of the number of fans

4. Explicit mentions of your name or to your product

5. Rate of answer to publications, questions of fans and even feedback on the part of the users.

7. People who are speaking of this.

8. Amount Likes Me in publications

9. Quality of the commentaries on your publications.

10. Reach (as much the scene under each publication as the detailed result that throws the page of analysis of Facebook)


For your channels of YouTube. Number of videos (Again, as a general performance to establish statistical formulas)

2. Number of subscribers

3. Number of commentaries

4. Numbers I like

5. Numbers of I do not like

6. Quality of the commentaries

7. Times that have shared

8. Number of visualizations of each video


As I already shelp, there are but things that can be measured. Nevertheless, which really interests is to know the real impact to us that your publications have in nonfollowing followers and.


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