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Gratis webpages, 8 reasons that will make you reconsider

It is normal for those who we were in the world of the design and development Web to find us with owners of businesses or entrepreneurs who have made the decision to mount they themselves their webpage which is not a bad idea; after all, who knows better your business and your objectives that you yourself?

The true problem begins when they choose to mount his webpage with some gratuitous alternative. There are many platforms that offer this service: Jimdo, Wix, freeservers, etc, etc.

Who use these gratuitous services do it mainly because three reasons:

    • They do not need developing knowledge and design Web

They do not have to invest a dollar in elloPueden to less than have them ready in 24 hours


But, because he is so bad?

To use a platform automated free or of payment to create webpages,   it places in serious risk your freedom to handle to the most important assets for the businesses in Internet, leaving you many limitations and restrictions with which you will have to live until you are decided to pay your own lodging in Internet, to buy a domain and to perhaps ask for professional help to improve your idea. Next 8 reasons by which it is a bad idea to use such services.

  1. They go to have many problems to position his Webs in the first results search of Google or another finder, which means that it will be almost impossible to have a great traffic.
  2. It is difficult to obtain a good compatibility with movable devices.
  3. They have a speed of very slow load, which means that some of your clients simply will not be able to see it.
  4. So that these companies can offer a service free, they must lodge many webpages in a servant, this will be affected all applications negatively and will mainly anger your clients when they use it, those who they look for to you with his movable devices.
  5. You will be penalized by the finders. Google as well as several seeking ones monitor the websites more and they very assign to positions inferiors to him to the sites of load or slow answer but.
  6. To make trade of attraction (Inbound) will be very complicated because these pages do not offer the freedom to you that you need, which will prevent that you spread your page of natural form.
  7. It is common that the servers of these sites are frequently inaccessible, that is to say that they are even inactive per days, this is due to which already I have explained, many websites lodged in the same place.
  8. Hosting or service of payment lodging nowadays has a minimum cost of monthly $3 + $10 by the cost of the www domain.  You will be as stingy as to throw to the trash the digital image of your business?


Managers of content

A content manager is a tool that allows to administer your own Web you, in your own servant, having minimum knowledge developing Web and obtaining amazing results.

He is possible to clarify that to all business he is not to him advisable to use this alternative but to many other yes. Many tools exist that allow the almost total control you of your Web in your own lodging:

  • WordPress. According to the statistics 50% of the 100,000 better Webs of the world are created with WordPress.
  • Joomla.  This manager resists to remain back and nowadays several sites exist that use it.
  • Cart African vulture for Stores Web.

Among others more.

It would interest to You to learn to make your own Web with WordPress or some manager of content of your election?

You need a design professional Web from zero?

You can request a budget to me without commitment.

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