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The danger to label your clients

Recently I read an article of New York Times in his version in Spanish, where reference to the €œMillennials€ became to those who it had been defined to them basically as €œthe new consumers€; that is to say, individuals with lifestyles and by consequence, tastes very different from other demographic or generational groups.

According to the Forbes magazine €œthe Millennials Generation defines to the been born ones between 1981 and 1995, young between 20 and 35 years that became adults with the change of millenium (in the heat of economic prosperity before the crisis). According to the report of Digital Tendencies It connects your brand with millennials, at the moment in Latin America a 30% of the population is Millennial. And according to a projection of the Deloitte consultant, in 2025, they will represent 75% of the workforce of the world. €œ

But that is not most important, but to the being individual €œnative digitalises€, €œmultitask€, o-MILLENNIALS-o nom³fobos (or addict to cellular or the technology), appadictos, but critics and demanding who other generations not only of the quality of a product, but of the additional value that has been contributed to him; it is maintained that these individual individuals cannot be taken care of nor boarded as at the other times.

Before it, New York Times affirms that he is rather the opposite, and that is possible to approach to them following its underlying needs and their aspirations but that consumption preferences, landlords of leisure, etc.

The estimated position reader, here, is to return to the pyramid of needs and to obtain the human and natural profile of each segment at which it points your business. It is not well having slight knowledge preconceived don't mention it nor of anybody, especially on markets, segments, niches, demographic group, etc. Because there is no a mold for each. And this is not nothing new.

 With each generation they appear the new subcultures, new groups of interest, segments of businesses, and this will continue with the following generations, by consequence, we cannot focus in a observed particular characteristic as a stereotype of a particular group because we are pointing not at the motor center of its behavior and triggering factor of its actions, but in the result of the same, and this result is mainly, a disguise or mask placed in front of the individual that the only thing that it looks for is perhaps €œsocial acceptance€ or €œrecognition€.

 Then, when doing it as a label on the basis of preconceived ideas you lose of view the ample phantom of potential clients at whom you can arrive, whereas in the second case, you aim at what it motivates them what will be in but possibilities of devising new and diverse tonalities of a product or category in ampler groups of consumption.

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