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Business under money It would have to make publicity?

This question for many has an evident answer, on the other hand is that do not seem to have a clear answer, which is serious, due to the implications that the same has. Also a third group exists that yes would contract some advertising service but it insists on doing it average obsolete although they seem modern.

coste_campa±a_onlineAnswer to question about, if he is prudent to dedicate money to the publicity when it is under resources, is possible to be deduced with some additional questions:

  1. What needs your business to obtain money?
  2. From those who I obtain the money that the business needs?
  3. How them contact and I attract them business?

If your answer to one of the three questions were a bank, a moneylender, or something similar you need to change the configuration of your concept of business.

 You cannot add debt to your business unless you have the flow of box necessary to cover it (that in this case very it is limited); but more important, if you are only certainly that debt causes that more money enters every month to your business that the one that will leave product her [the debt].

To this point or it must be clear if one is due or not to invest in publicity when there are low income. But no, next there is another question that will clarify better the panorama:

In case you cheer up to make publicity. The selected means, count on the hearing that corresponds to the profile of your ideal client. For example: You would announce a Venta de VideoJuegos by the newspaper, knowing that gammers neither does not buy it either nor read it?

Really yes one is due to invest in publicity. In fact one does not treat that you do it so that somebody shelp you that it works, but by common sense, and basing you on the model or profile of the type of client at whom you wish to arrive.  This means, to extract the common characteristics or characteristics that there is between your clients soon to attract them your territory based on the preferences that already you have identified (inbound)

The questions rather would have to be when and how.  Today, due to the massification of the movable devices, and the amount of minted applications to generate income by means of inlhelp publicity will be easier you to segment and to find your ideal client. He is much more recommendable that to announce to you by radio or much more economic newspaper as well as.

publicity in applicationsIt is possible to notice that to much people the form of publicity that realises as volanteo, classified in the newspaper, I call, etc. is not working him Among others reasons so that simply they are old-fashioned.

You have done publicity this year? Comment to us, what type of publicity is giving results you.

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