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What is the following step?

Usually the people who contact to me, do not have very in clear what wishes for their businesses in Internet.  It seems to me coherent then if they knew perhaps but clearly the panorama would do what for much people and is to take the bull by the horns and to venture itself to realise they themselves Social Average.


The subject is that the majority of these adventurers literally €œcrashes€ in their attempt €œto sell more€ using Social Average and Internet, because they directly do not perceive the results in the wished time and the form.

In the first session of consultancy that I have with a potential client, I unfold before him, she or they with much sincerity that is what has ahead, avoiding to paint a picture to him rose color but speaking to him of the qualitative and quantitative benefits to put completely to the digital market.

The same I tell you. First that you must have very in clearly it is that Internet is not a picnic place where you feel to relax and to leave sun rays them they warm up your skin.

What to hope?

  • To initiate your adventure by Internet is equivalent to start a new business to you reason why you must have the same patience, dedication and analysis.
  • In Internet there is much but competition of other businesses that in real life, but also, the benefits are majors much; from obtaining that bandage 10 to 1, 100 to 1 and even 1000 to 1, of your product star, in the smaller time and €œfinal€ effort. Clear that intermediate you will need a very strategic planning and also a meticulous and real preliminary analysis.
  • In this means it matters much more who is your client and how it behaves, to create a symphony with €œhis digital social ecosystem€. You cannot appear as well as with an announcement of €œeach 10 Purchase€ and thus not hope here that 9 of him of a your announcement click in €œdoes not interest to me€.
  • You must have very in clearly as they will be the metric ones that will guide you your success.  In Internet the amount of sales is not indeed the indicator that will tell you what to do. But you will have many but alternative that they will draw up but in detail in which it leaves from route of the client you are having a flight of prospectuses or sales.
  • To define a product or an objective clearly. You in line have a store or a friendly mechanism of sale with electronic payment and its alternatives clearly defined? If you do not have it, you do not have that to hope to sell €œdirectly€. If you do not have the system to sell of direct form, you can use Internet to construct a bond with your clients in order to direct it to visit your stores for a specific reason.


In summary

Everything what you do by Internet must describe something as: €œI do To obtaining B then C€.  Although it could be a proposal but long, it would not have to be to you difficult if you know your business and the characteristics and behavior client at who you aim or you wish to aim. I clarify, that is not the same supposition that to know.

In this article I cannot give all the details to construct your plan you of €œAttraction of Clients€ through the different platforms that Internet offers, because each strategy corresponds to him in particular to a situation. Nevertheless, the axioms mentioned in this article will be used for any tool or social platform to you.


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