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Ecological offices: putting our sand granite

The climate change is a reality that every day is affecting to our planet more and, although many become the fat view, the consequences of the contamination are already reaching to us and in a moment our planet no longer will give more opportunities us to improve. It is why many of the most important companies of the world, including a Google and Siemens, have decided to be united to the ecological movement and to do the possible thing so that their offices are the possible echo more friendly.

To have ecological offices does not imply nesdfsdfsdfcesariamente to demolish everything and to begin from zero. There is one long list of small efforts that can make a company to manage to enter the category of echo friendly. In this article, we will focus in great the ideal ecological solutions for and small businesses.

  •  Between 40 and 50% of the dioxide emissions carbon of a company they are produced by the transfer from its workers to its place of work. This percentage can be reduced exponentially if the company makes the decision to provide transport for the workers from a point of contact. While less vehicles must be used, smaller it will be the CO2 emission. Another solution to this problem is to work from house. Many companies have I decide to give the opportunity them to some of their employees to work at a distance at least once to the week.
  • When regulating the power of the illumination during the sunny days, the consumption can fall until a 75%.
  • To foment the recycling is a contribution very important to obtain an ecological office. The majority of the companies recycle paper, cartridges, ball-point pens and until light bulbs. The best way to obtain a good percentage of material recycling is to place receiving of different colors and properly identified in several visible places from the office so that all can contribute.
  • To use recyclable furniture and materials. Nowadays, we can obtain to a great variety of furniture made with materials recyclings in the majority of the stores. When buying them for the office, we are contributing with the planet.
  • To diminish the number of impressions not only implies dfgsdfgsdfgthe diminution in the consumption of paper, but also in the consumption of cartridges, electricity and until the time that we lose when we must go search an impression the machine.

These ecological initiatives can contribute not only to the environment, but also to the well-being of the employees of the company to the knowledge who are somehow contributing to improve the present situation of the planet.

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