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Generator of links of whatsapp

 The Internet of nowadays demands that the users can interact directly and almost of immediate form with the employees of a brand in particular.

He is really tedious and boring to be with a contact form, at this point of the life.

And it is that with the speed of the communications, or they were back the times in which stops to make a question or to ask for specific information you had to mobilize great distances or to wait for long time to you.

With the Internet arrival the communications with the brands tenderers were asceleraron enormously, nevertheless the progress demands to scale a new level.

It is by that now the modules of direct chat of the social networks exiten and even a service so amassed as WhatsApp can increase the possibility of interacting with new buying potentials.

Now you can add to your webpage or to your publications in networks hiperv­culo with which they can write to you directly to your whatsapp for greater information.

Basically the hyperbond has this structure:

https://wa.me/+ [YOUR I NUMBER REASON]

https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=+ [YOUR I NUMBER REASON]

The sign + notices that it indicates that you are going to use your number yet and area code

This connection will redirigir¡ to the user to its movable application or desktop of whatsapp to write to you without it has aggregate to his contacts, which will avoid that the €œsluggish ones€ stop to write to you to save the steps to add you to their notebook of contacts of the mobile.

An option but completes that it allows to send a message with content of predetermined form is:

https://wa.me/+ [YOUR I NUMBER REASON] &text= [YOUR MESSAGE]

https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=+ [YOUR I NUMBER REASON] &text= [YOUR MESSAGE]

Note: You would not have to include the square brackets


But to facilitate the things to you I share this provided generator to you of connections of whatsapp by Postcron

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