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When to dismiss a client

All we are clients and all at some time we must be to the other side of the counter in anyone of his manifestations. That one that says that it is not thus, must realise a lengthy analysis from its personal life to the working life or professional.

From the relation father-son and husband-wife, all in certain way we sell something and we bought something, is our image, our time, our abilities, etc and we received of some way: time, abilities, effort, affection or emotions, social acceptance, goods, etc. Apparently, everything an interchange, exchange or a form of €œbusiness€ as we called to him at home. For example, at home, when my son of 6 years is not in agreement with some measurement taken by some infraction to some norm of our house, it has the opportunity to negotiate on the matter, and often to do it of very convincing form, as much so we have had to explain several times the difference to him between negotiating and manipulating.

Like in the home, in our regular businesses, each individual submerged in the process to buy, to sell and to interchange is an only world, and each merits an individual and customized attention. In addition, the factors are different by which a client can behave of form nonlinear being able to happen at any time of good to bad.

Between the factors they influence in a bad client we have: the negative experiences with other personal suppliers, situations that affect it well-known, the loss of economic liquidity, the introduction of a new administration or new partners in a company, the hiring of purchase advisers, etc. There are many things that are unpredictable and by that the normal solution is to adapt us to their personality.

Nevertheless, we must be kind of injurious attitudes that could take to us to lose too much time, money and desire to work and that even though there are to try to understand to us and to approach of the best form to not is possible us to adapt us to it.

First we will clarify some details:

  • The ideal client does not exist. Even though we have the idea conceived in our mind as Pigmali³n.
  • We can educate our clients. Although this requires patience, our approach must be in those with which we know that the thing can work. It is as when you decide to marry and €œyou know€ that your groom or bride is not perfect and you know his defects, but understand that those differences did not mine their relation while both by the success of the relation strive.
  • Mutual trust. Although you do not have to be so blind and ingenuous as not to protect your actions legally, nevertheless the confidence is important so that it can have gain-to win.
  • Cobra.  And it even receives by everything what you do. Although to add to a value differential to your product or service can be positive, to be used to a client not receiving is but harmful and it costs to you much more that the discount or granted flattery. Nonsubjects to receive then not only avoid that you break but help economically to conserve the respect and the confidence by the client and towards your business.

recruitment-jesadaphornOnce defined these points, we will say you mainly that never it is easy to dismiss a client, if seems to promise substantial gains, if it phelp in time, or only it respected times of delivery, or but serious and outside clear in his orders, etc. After all With the difficult thing that it has been to obtain this client to us!

Nevertheless since already we have analyzed, not always conserving these clients is the best decision. With this I say that you must be responsible and careful when doing this then you will not close only one but several other doors.

  1. Beam changes: In many cases you will have to review the priorities of the client next to his requirements. There are many clients to whom the finished one does not interest so much to them as the essence than they require. For example, there are some who wish a simple treat, but your you insist to him on offering last gourmet to him to price of treat.
  2. It trains your client:  This or we mentioned it previously, but it must be clear that you cannot dismiss a client without trying to train it, that is to say, to teach to him as is the service or product that it asks for, as are its reaches, the language of the business which will help them to make the more simple the communication and the reception of requirements, etc. All we began in this point, nevertheless if after trying to train it, it conserves its harmful attitudes, simply it sees by the following point.
  3. It renegotiates: If it is not applied perhaps the previous point or did not work then you must renegotiate the price based on the characteristics of the product. You must very consider not to affect your income negatively. Although it is certain that 10% of zero are zero, also you must have to be alert so that a trade agreement is not in absolute losses.
  4. Other products: Perhaps this client is bad in a business channel, perhaps but she is reconciled to other products or services that you offer. For example a bad client of a service pospago can be a good client of a been pleased service.
  5. Dismiss it: If after to have exhausted the previous resources, you have not been able to reclaim the client is moment for inviting it to go away to the competition. When dismissing a client or cutting your relation of businesses with him, you must take all the precautions in order not to damage your image nor the one of the company which you represent. You even must be very professional when more ahead he requests references to you exceeds.

Even though when dismissing a client, we want to go out victorious, or when we want to leave very in clear that €œwe€ are those that we finished this relation (as it is the tendency in the engagements) and or feel other impulses. We do not have to succumb before it, mainly when the less professional client sends his last professional arguments to make us feel little, emotional or susceptible. Our mission must be clear: to settle the relation of the possible simple form but.

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