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To resist the first years of a business

dgdfgI initiated my business to the 23 years with great and ambitious aspirations, I put and dreams and with the idea to place my product between the inhabitants of a city of 240mil people.  At that time the companies were few that in this city were convinced of the importance of having presence in the digital market. Years back it had ventured to me to realise some website for the company where it worked applying my first knowledge in programming. And it thought that in €œa virgin€ market he would be simple to construct a computer science monopoly. They do not blame to me, as soon as it began!

At this point, really it does not matter to approach the decisions that I took nor the bad experiences that I had trying to convince to customary owners of business to the traditional form, of which they had to enter a market where they did not go to it turns with the client and it would have a time more than reduced to convince it that its product was the best one and the more advisable.

What yes I will share, they are some things that helped me to survive the first years of this business that is excited, and that surely will help many entrepreneurs who at the moment are on the verge of throwing the towel.

Qualification. The learning does not initiate in a class classroom nor finishes there. I read enough and I worked until high times of the night solving the problems of my clients, meanwhile it improved my ability to program. I took each course that I could and I read each article that my time so reduced allowed it to me, and returned to enter to the Educative System.

To extend my battle area. I had to instruct to me and to improve my use of tools of Adobe as well as to enable in Couching and handling to me of personnel. I became Technological Adviser of a Regional company and recruiter of personnel.

To let itself advise, to be ense±able. When initiating my trip was but €œhard head€ than I am now. That is to say, it did not accept many advice, after all, had had good mentors and it was scared to forget what they taught to me. Nevertheless, when winning those fears, I could allow that a new mentor helped me to learn, to improve and to polish many areas that more ahead I needed.

Adaptability. In our race we will always arrive at our Zone of Comfort, and that happened to me. Happily I had some difficulties which became the pushes that needed to accept new challenges.

To remember most important. This makes think enuna me old fable of a poor woman, its baby and a cave with gold. It is not far distant of the reality. It is important to remember that, if is husband and father as I, there are things that are more important that all the money that you win. If you are not married, you are not saved, the human being is a social being, reason why you cannot be distanced of the world. You need to have social life in the ample phantom, and I do not only talk about to Fridays of rumba, but to the amount of healthful and relaxing activities that exist to avoid that you fall exhausted and ill the first years.  personally, within the familiar and social activities also it helped me much to go Sundays to the church.

To be persistent. All we want to have money now and already. Nevertheless the great businesses are those that delay more in producing interesting sum. In this part I do not go to speak pretty words to you on avoiding to surrender but I will give some tips you to conserve €œyour instinct of €œenterprising survival€. Take care of clients who do not pay. It avoids to give credit without requesting advance payments and having credit information of your possible indebted ones. It values your work and it receives enough, that is to say neither but nor less than what corresponds, since the clients prefer professional people and takes all the opportunities that arrive. Of this form protegeras your self-esteem that is perhaps the most important assets in this stage of your undertaking and you will conserve your natural capacity to persevere.

In short, it has many other things that you must and you must remember in this exciting trip, for example, that is a way that must enjoy, which although you need to make an effort to you much, you are not in a frenetic race, reason why is important that you much more respect to your competition and your clients, although this is part of another article.

It shares some things that have helped in this wonderful passage the financial freedom.

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Brayan Loayza
June 9, 2016 AT 3:06 a.m.

I enchant the article, the past year I had the opportunity to undertake a business of development of software, where I learned many valuable things. The undertaking is something exciting that removes the best thing from you and by his position it requires of much effort and patience and but that nothing to fight sometimes with the incredulous minds that do not create in you. Now work independently making projects in my free time, but working in equipment is something incredible with tools as git, in aim the development of Software is something exciting and undertaking a business as it says it in the article is question of Balance and constant Learning€¦.

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