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To automate is better than to postpone

All business even has repetitive tasks and whole processes that repeat several times in the day of work of one or several employees, areas and even in all the company.

An example of it is those processes that repeat thousands of times in a embasadora carbonated drink plant, among them: the sterilization of bottles, filling, seal, etc.

In fact, it is for that reason that realising of automatic form these processes all we perceived the direct hit in the sale and production costs consequently, thus causing, that a drink that could cost $2,00 more or if it takes place manually, gets to cost between 25 and 50 ctvs.

The automatization consists of applying some machine, technology or automatic procedure in the accomplishment of a process or task in an industry.

And although it would seem that only the companies of the secondary sector must have main interest in automating itself, in fact, without exception all activity of businesses almost has one or several processes that can not only save costs but of increasing the income of the company that strategically applies it.

Benefits to automate

Automatic returning a process or task in a company has different aspects to be taken into account when migrating from the traditional form. Nevertheless most important as in all investment it is the relation cost benefit, where one is due to consider:

  • Reduction of total costs of the business by product, process, activity, department, gets hold of, etc.
  • Diminution of costs in human resource, or increase in the efficiency of the same.
  • It allows to even improve the PVP and the supply by means of the addition of a value to the product, due to the mentioned diminution of the management or production costs.

Also there are other nontangible benefits that they make simpler the administrative management and of control, following the type of realised automatization. Among them we found:

  • Better control of the stages of a business
  • It facilitates the approach in activities nails as cultivating the relation with the internal and external client.
  • It facilitates the analysis and interpretation of the results of the business.

In conclusion, always he will be advisable to turn into automatic a complex process as routinist to improve the effectiveness, the productivity and competitiveness of a business.

And your€¦ You cheer up to improve your business?

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