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Because Google collects your information

Google is the greater service search than it exists in the world that along with its other services has managed to position itself and to also construct to an empire offering gratuitous services (apparently) although others of payment.
How it is that Google is so good without receiving to you to use it?
It is not philanthropy, in fact the reason by that collects data of the users, is because there is the majority of their income. But calm, which realises Google is not illegal, and he is useful so for the user who just seems to be an interchange. It works more or less thus:


  • When you look for a restaurant in Google Maps or you see a video in YouTube, for example, google processes the information on that activity, as the video that you have seen, YOU GO them of the devices, directions IP, the data of the cookies and the location.
  • Also they process the type of described information previously when you use applications or websites that use the services of Google, as announcements, Analytics and the reproducer of video of YouTube.

With objective what they collect your data?

The objective is to personalize your results search. In its words, so that it is:

  • More useful and customized, when showing more excellent results search;
  • To improve the quality of its services and to develop other new ones;
  • To offer announcements based on the interests of the user, from the searches that you have realised or videos that you have seen in YouTube;
  • To realise analysis and measurements.
As personal experience as user, using an active account of Google while I sail from my computer, me has been useful stops:
  • To obtain suggestions and results in agreement with my needs search and preferences.
  • Distractions when working have avoided me because the type of results can constantly be redefined, if you know how to use this tool.
  • The time has saved me, when allowing me to indicate what content is to me irrelevant.


For Business
In the businesses he is still more useful then, in summary, allows to find that hidden niche able and eager to acquire the products that a certain business sells. Then, by means of tools as AdWords you can raise announcements which will be, to which fits in that client only devise for your product, that already you determined.
Links of utility

In order at any time to administer the controls of privacy of a user of Google: myaccount.google.com.

More information on policies of privacy in Google:


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