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It creates images animated (gifs) without losing quality

Or they passed fashionable the static images, mainly in the social platforms where a post is really question of life or death, and I am not exaggerating. A post has the capacity to catapult your website or fan page, if it is gotten to turn into viral or it can cause that much people stop following to you if is of low quality, which nowadays consists of lowering your reputation which is as a cancer for your social account.

Animated image!

A GIF like a video can emphasize the quality of your page and your good pleasure. The difference is that the GIF allows you to arrive at devices and smaller but still abundant speeds from connection in our means.

It is by that I come to request that you pause to create gifts in programs as photoshop (of css5 for down), gimp, etc to you where your content loses its initial quality terribly, stops in its place to give a recommendation you that cost hours of effort and sweat to me until managing to define it as the best platform to create animated images.

The application that I have come to recommend to you is called Giphy and been a tool Online€¦ to use you only need it to make three steps:

  1. To create an account in this page,
  2. To form your profile
  3. To begin to create your animations from images or videos.

Advantages of Giphy:

  • He is perfectly compatible with facebook.
  • It conserves the quality of your images
  • It allows to raise you but of 8 photograms (images by picture).
  • It does not put an ugly brand to you of water in your animated image.
  • It serves as alternating social network.

You know another as good application as this? Leave me in the commentaries


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