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It redesigns your brand as Google

What happened to him to the logo of Google?

Google embarked in a process that all the brand that is respected must carry out several times in its history and that is: To renew its brand. A right decision in a while in which the giant of Silicon Valley has reached a structure like its ecosystem practically works independently in each of its parts but intimately related to each other.

It was really a necessary step since all the products of Google must know to Google. And by all means, those rainbow of present colors from the first logo of the brand, left a clear sensation us of what marks we talked about when finding us with such combination. , Now even isotipos as the one of Google Voice Search has those rainbow distinguishing.

Next I will give some reasons you for which your business would have to renew its corporative image at the time as Google is doing it at this moment.


To construct a brand is a process not an isolated activity.

A static brand is boring and mainly it lies down to happen fashionable. If you wish that your brand lasts in the mind of your clients you must give own life him. It must be growing along with the consumer and evolving next to the needs of the market. That yes keeping sobriety with the line of the business.


To unify your ecosystem but that to only construct a product.

If you have several lines of products offering to your client, it is necessary to establish a harmony among them, in such a way that the client can associate the product with the brand. When we only saw the red color in the ecosystem of Google, he was easy to associate it with other brands as Cocaine user, or the brand of movable telephony of your country that uses the same color, or your brand of favorite food. Nevertheless Google needed to abstract its products and to give a special place them in the mind of the consumer, in such a way that he is but easy, in the future accepting new products of the brand that count on the same graphic prescription.


To hook to the users with the brand

Lovely marketing, is the type of commercial management that more success has been in the last years old. Google needed to maintain that emotional bond with the client and to extend it to each brand. Obtaining of this form €œto shoot with an arrow€ to the users of Google who already adore a product, with other products. And to generate the sufficient confidence in them to animate to them to use them.


Attractive line of vision

There is no doubt that here conducts battle all the equipment of Design of the great brand. And that is something that you must take into account. It is always necessary to take step to him to the professionals in the matter. Not to save some to you dollars (In Peru a good work of Branding costs $300USD) you would have to throw by the hut a as vital task as to construct a brand.

As I shelp at the outset, a static brand bores. And at a as volatile time as the present one. What before he was funny, with the use and the passage of time can be returned boring and until tedious. And here it enters game the innovation and the good pleasure.

All businessman does not have good pleasure. In fact still there are some who consider that a good publicity is to hang posters to the sesentero style.


Freshness for your brand

A good subject of gossip cooks with fresh ingredients. But and budi

nes or the sauce Roquefort? To that me refierto. Sometimes the new businesses and still the new businessmen usually mock of the old businesses branding them of expired and the condemned to the extinsi³n. Nevertheless the experience has demonstrated to us that a business with sufficient antiquity to the point of to have constructed €œconfidence€ between its clients, when so much as in its organizational style renews graphically, can be fortified as much that it assures his position in the market by several years more.


And you, what other reasons you must to re-invent your brand?


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