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To return to being used?

To undertake a business is one of the most important risks than a person can take in her life. In spite of to have realised all the preliminary studies on the product, the place, the market, and to have been very meticulous when identifying the risks, always exists the uncertainty of how it is going away to tolerate your system of businesses in real time. In this reality there are two possible scenes: the return to recover your investment, even as of the second or third month of operations, as well as, null gains or even losses during several months.


External problems

It is necessary to have much taken care of not focusing in the external problems to justify our success or our lack of the same. On the contrary we must very be objectives to determine to what extent our operative management took to the business to the present state.

Is to ascend towards a slope to realise mountain surf and when arriving at the edge, to give account you that in place that a rim or a table of surfing you have taken a cart of purchases.

Vulcano surf


The difference between a business and self-employment

Even though Robert Kiyosaki, has its followers on the one hand and by another detractors of its financial principles, personally its definition of a business as, €œa System€ that works for you€, I consider otherwise the right ones. A true business would have to be able to do without you, at any time without you stop perceiving the same or better income to traverse he. I agree totally that a €œbusiness€ that depends on you to work is rather a self-employment, and is very dangerous.

During the moments of crisis, a thought company to behave as a real business, handles indicators that can be reviewed to make adjustments gradually in order that this one takes its normal course.

When you have a company that depends too much on you even though you have workers which they do the heavy work most of, by insurance this is going to suffer sooner or later, and it will even leave you very exhausted until the point to seriously wish to leave it.


To return to be used?

The tactically important point in which a €œbusinessman€ owner of a self-employment considers the idea to return to be an employee. It begins especially when the money is scarce and apparently or €œeverything€ has been tried nevertheless its own income, credits, or box flow does not manage to maintain alive the company but every time its maintenance becomes but tedious. It is when the memory of the time at which it acquired a €œfixed pay€ without being worrying about failed to fulfill suppliers, weak clients, guarantees, etc. sweetens the future to Him of a desire to leave it everything and to return to that €œquadrant€ of income.

On the other hand, it is very rare to see a person who has a €œsystem€ to think about something as it, but basically what we can find in those cases it is an absence of patience and sufficient time to analyze the indicators of the business (or to identify them in the worse thing of the cases) and of making the best decisions to correct any negative fluctuation in time.

Personally it seems sad to me that on the one hand a businessman does not decide to fit his model on the other to turn it into a true system of income and side the €œpartner€ or shareholder of a business that thinks about retiring of the same instead of to rescue it, when still it is possible.

A solution that quite effective is the one to re-invent itself (brand, product, model of business), on the other hand, to analyze and to determine what is the real source or sources where they are originated our current issues (here we must to stop to throw fault to employees, because we are those that we contracted, trained and verified), search new opportunities, to obtain investors, among others.

You have been in this situation? Tell your esperiencia us!

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