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What are the archetypes of a brand?

A brand that does not generate emotions in the public is a brand that does not sell. The emotions are the connection that must exist between a company and its hearing.

This bond will construct (or it will destroy) a relation with the consumers which will be able, if we do it correctly, to hook them so that they buy time and time again, and not only that but also recommends securing the yearned for positioning to us in the objective market.

But what are the archetypes and what have to do with you and your company?

According to Real Academia Espa±ola (SAR), the archetypes are: €œCongenital images or schemes with symbolic value that comprises of the unconscious group€.

According to the psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung, who outside the creator of the €œTheory of the archetypes€ exists conduct landlords which they are universal and they exist conduct landlords that are present in all the people, without difference of age, religion or sex, that are in the unconscious one of each human being.

Although he could, this to be dreamy, is not much of the proposed psychological expositions at different times with respect to as fitting the human conduct to understand it better.

According to Carl Gustav Jung 12 archetypes exist, which we will analyze acontinuaci³n:

Taken from: http://marketingdigitalavancado.com.br

Inocente: A youthful, evocative personality of our childhood and infantile yearnings. They are always glad, jovial, dreamy and optimistic. Example of it is: Cocaine user, McDonald or Disney

The Common or Current Man: They are simple brands,
they do not show ostentation but they look for connection through the empathy. They are easy to understand, realists, generate confidence and common sense. Example of them we have to Ebay or Ikea.

The Explorer: He shows an authentic, bold personality, frees, shameless, independent. That she discovers and she explores new challenges, innovator, whom she invites to you to be ambitious and inconformista. So it is the case of brands as Virgin, Amazon or RedBull.

The Wise person: They are brands for which most important it is the knowledge and the analysis. Wisdom, information and investigation inspire. Examples of this archetype are: Google, Cnn, HP, etc.

The Hero: They represent the effort, the winning spirit, the attitude, the honor, the victory and the implication. Brands as Duracel, Invictus or Nile that transmit motivation, effort, discipline, triumph, competition and bravery.

The Outlaw: they are irreverent brands, that break schemes, do not follow the rules nor the protocols. A classic example is Harley Davidson. Its strategy is to break the schemes, to remove the wildest side from its public, to be a referring one within urban tribes.

The Magician: they make your dreams reality, they are brands that transform the reality (of fictitious or real form) are imaginative, charismatic and inspiring. They transmit security in one same one, and their products sell a lifestyle that allow you to feel to you only and special. Several examples of it we have in brands premium as Apple or Chanel.

The Lover: Its strategy is to transmit passion, love and desire. They are very passional and seductive brands. They impel to live the life, elegance warmly and sensuality, an example of it is L'Oreal or H¤agen-Dazs.

The Farcical one: they are comedians and of funny, spontaneous attitude, it cheers, creative, humoristic and sometimes behaved shamelessly. Example: Oreo, Fanta, etc.

The Caretaker: They are brands that transmit protection, paternity, sensation of security, confidence and respect. That one exactly is its strategy. Its message is to take care of, to respect and to want to the others as same. Nestl© is a good example of this archetype.

The Creator: these project innovation, that go a step forward, promote the freedom to create, perfectionism, originality and the capacity to return reality everything what their clients even imagine and that they themselves can obtain it. I bequeath is a great example of it, and again Apple uses this archetype. Yes your brand can also use but of one.

The Governor: It is the archetype of the brands premium, of products that sell a lifestyle of limited access, only for people of certain status, is the basic characteristics. And its strategy is to sell the idea that their products own they belong to a privileged class. They transmit leadership, power, success, prestige, exclusive feature, prosperity. Mercedes Benz and Rolex represent this archetype perfectly.

As we mentioned it, although each archetype is certain is perfectamene defined, your brand can choose to use one or several of them to give a special and unique personality him.

As recommendation, it is that the introduction of an archetype to your strategy name brand is that is natural and spontaneous. A personality forced or adapted abruptly cannot work. Even in particular cases of current brands or current products that want to become premium, they require an elaborated strategy conciensudamente.

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