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€œTurkish€ they hackean the Web of the Constitutional Court of Ecuador

Before nothing, we will remember our readers, who our blog does not have anything to see with policy nor to cyber activism of any type. This one article is rather for informing on the news of enterprise computer science scope.

With this explanation, we informed to them that the webpage of the Constitutional Court of Ecuador: www.corteconstitucional.gob.ec presumably was hackeada by €œTurkish Hackers€. Although it is known by experience that when no individual, group or specific movement attribute an attack, and is used something so generic as a nationality, most probable it is than it is only a €œlight€ to confuse any identification and future retaliation.

All we know that in previous days the Ecuadorian government gave by finished the political asylum to Julian Asange who outside cyber activist who lived in the embassy of Ecuador in England from the 2012.

Now to which we came. We begin to crumble the attack:

1. When looking for in Google it leaves the phrase: €œFree Assange! Hacked by Turkish Hackers! Rebellion! Revolution! Freedom! Your All Databases Dumped & Leaked€ that translated it is €œFreedom to Assange€ Hackeado by Hakcers Turkish! Rebellion! Revolution! Freedom! All data bases Have been erased and Leaked.

2. One is not only an attack of refusal of services.

3. The hackers penetrated, apparently in the motor of the data base of this Web and erased all the data

4. SEO HACK. Immediately afterwards they let a code to deceive bot of Google specifically (in other finders do not appear these phrases) and it was made thus so that when the Web is raised, the signs of the attack are in the finder.

At the moment the Web of the constitutional court is redirigiendo to the subdomain portal.corteconstitucional.gob.ec in port 8494, while the engineers of the Government try to recover the data, to correct the SEO in Google and to increase the security.

How it is that a Web that costs several thousands of dollars can fall. Many incredulous ones will throw the fault to the Third World and its €œobsolete technologies€ but beyond that, and remembering to that within reach of a click we can have the last patches of security and the most modern software, which happened here leaves a moral us (but several).

1. That nobody is safe from cyber intrusion

2. That in this case the attackers looked for notoriety but that they could well have robbed information and by means of that servant and to even enter other servers of the government to make a greater damage without nobody realized.

3. That probably the instruction was not new but is possible that had long time, following the logic of the point 2, that sometimes when attacking cyber does not interest to them to be detected.

4. That it is very possible that if we did not find more well-known interferences as well as this one is because to the hackers simply €œit does not interest to them€.

5. That the engineers and technicians responsible for the securities we must be constantly updating and monitoring the servers since always can exist a vulnerability that needs to be parchada or a system that requeira to be updated to avoid possible instructions.

6. That sometimes the companies to save some dollars, do not take the necessary precautions and later come the lamentations.

We hope that this post has been of your affability. We see ourselves in the next one

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