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Facebook returns to fall

Facebook the emblematic company founded by Mark Zuckerberg, is estimated at the moment in more than 510 billions of dollars according to quotes in stock market, underwent not only one fall in several regions of the country for 2 days, also its actions lowered in 0.43%, which represents several million in losses

What many people who use these platforms (that do not even understand) are that to maintain a computer science platform for example Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp that were those that underwent failures to each other all branchs.

This attack consisted of which no of the applications of property of Mark Zuckerberg allowed its users to raise nor to visualize no publication.

The internauts indicated their complaints via Twitter, since she was of the few social networks that worked.

One has reached the conclusion that one was about focused attacks and not the common DDOS that regulamente consists of sending consultations or requests to these networks of abusive and exaggerated form by means of automatic robots or means.

In fact, this is not us to be strange, since daily thousands of million attempts of attacks (the majority automated) to the operative servers at world-wide level take place.

She is one of the things that most of the digital and nondigital entrepreneurs ignore, and is that all the whom presence has somehow online, is required that not only installs the respective securities (which are relatively expensive, but necessary) but also it contracts to frequent updates and maintenances.

The mantenimeintos can also be susceptible to errors, but that generally quickly are corrected if the company or engaged expert is capable.

To take precautions is not of more, even without being paranoiac, although it is the smallest company.

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