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New graphical identity in AVON

As we expressed in our post previous, the corporative identity is not game thing.

Some companies take several decades in adjusting to the new tendencies, and is that it is not easy to decide when and as is moment for making a refrescamiento name brand, mainly when it has been reversed very enormously in positioning the same in the mind of the consumers.

The great companies know what is the cost of creating and of constructing to a good brand and corporative identity.

Cocaine user for example, almost maintains the same logo and typography but their packages and presentations have undergone a series of changes throughout the time, as well as the application of the logo and the handling of the same.

Avon cannot be back. Being one it marks international present in several countries. It took long time, especially in its public to position and to register its typography and Light forms, delineated almost with presici³n of square.

Not only one was a pair of letters but each letter as well as the forms of their outlines, if you pay attention well, have a meaning.

This meaning, evidently must be subtle so that it is not saturated visually and it is confused to the hearings. And it is in which been working and they have improved from century XIX when it was created as California Company Perfume.

The same happens to the present brand, now more feminine, in an almost retro style, with typographies bold. He is quite harmonious if we put ourselves to appreciate it with care. The outlines of Or to each other agree with the internal outlines in the letters To and V, giving him much congruence.

The n in small letter by its side gives an irreverent and informal end him, as saying: €œWe are an elegant but irreverent brand€€¦ Avon generally was focused a serious feminine public, reason why it is not to be strange to us that they continue in that tendency that has worked so well.

We hope to see how they will from now on apply this brand to the different scenes.

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