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A brand for a company is its reputation.

Your colors, the typography or the graphical image of your business do not change long ago

Although those three things not necessarily are everything what the freshness and modernity compose of a brand, certainly are substantial elements of her.

As part of our experience and work, we have seen as many companies cheer up to change their vision and even his €œhow to€ from a simple refrescamiento of its brand.

In some cases, the client so is pawned to conserve his classic image, that does not allow more than it refocuses, but when emprezamos to gradually introduce them in the new concepts, it finishes by readjusting it €œeverything€ and aligning themselves to a new vision.

A brand for a company is as a reputation for a person. You gain reputation trying to make the difficult things well.

It is not easy to construct the reputation of a brand, and much less easy it is to recover a lost reputation or that has become boring by the lack of interest in maintaining €œhooked€ the clients.

And it is that where you find a company that has fallen in the monotony, you can find to a directive table expired, or catched at some other time of the history that is not the present, where it stays by new buyers but that there is lost great amount of old clients.

Each person of businesses must understand that €œsomething that worked very or in the past€ not necessarily must because work in the present, except indispensable rules as the €œgood treatment to the client€ to name some, but a client always can go away of our portfolio towards a place where she receives better benefits and she feels equal of or.

And as we shelp at the home of this post, to construct a brand no longer one is to only have a good supply and a good service.

It is much more difficult that, although does not exist a magical formula for such aim, first that we must consider is to consider the present personality of your business and consequently of home to improve it.

To pause to think for a moment about what class of sensations we would want to cause to the clients, and how we would like that they remember to us, without falling in nostalgic sentimentalities.

Generally it is necessary to contract a specialist who guides to them in this and later steps, and once deposited the confidence, to take hold itself well of the seat because a hunting of emotions begins until giving with the final result.

From it, we are going to receive suggestions with respect to the logo, colors, sounds, uniformity and strategy generally.

Finally, and more important after to have opened to your mind and the one of your directive table, it is that finally they must feel comfortable with the new changes since the result consists of the communicative nexus between which the company wishes to transmit and the final client.

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