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Multinivel or real undertaking

You knew that the use is not the only option to make money?  Good perhaps if. Perhaps if embargo also you are of which they are disappointed because they cannot initiate his own business, or worse, they have done one or several attempts of business and have failed or it has not given the awaited result.
Anyway, all we know which it has undertaken or one has become autoempleado at some time of its lives and we have its experiences to our disposition. The point is that not always he is useful to learn of experiences of others, although if it serves to give us us to account what errors not to commit, also is potential danger that we end up ourselves discouraging without home.
Many people of inconciente form have cultivated field the idea: €œAs I could not either your you will be able€ and is of that type of toxic people who we must move away.
On the other hand we found the problem that many €œcompanies€ invite to the people promising to them €œgreat gains€ and €œto undertake its own business€ when in fact they are doing is recruiting commission salesmen, who at the end of accounts only are a pyramid.
The main disadvantage with this type of €œbusiness€ is that you do not have any control on the same, not even the exclusive feature of the brand, apart from which anyone can sell it, the gains always are small, apart from which although they promise to you to have freedom of time, which less you have is that, because it is demanded to have to invest to time and money more and more to you to be able to reunite to cent to cent the entrance necessary to take that €œcomfortable€ life that they offer you when entering them.
I am not saying anything bad of that form to generate income is called: Yanbal, Avon, Herbalife, etc. But quite the opposite, the objective of this post is to be on the awares to you so that in case of putting you in that project, you know what relying.
It is very common to play with the term undertaking when what one is to say is to be salesman multilevel.
To undertake is complicated but nonimpossible. And it almost always includes to create a product, and although that one is not the case, the model of businesses is clearly and with ample and real possibilities (fictitious nonexpectations and projections)
In order to really undertake it is necessary to have certain tools:
product + place + market, ah and coverall €œdesire to leave ahead€.
In the case of the multilevels the second and third party very it is reduced and almost invisible: Everybody selling the same of different forms and without any type from exclusive feature or real differentiation.
And to finish he is indispensable that in case you have the intention to really empreder you consider and you make your model of businesses of a so clear form that you have the security at least or high possibilities of recovering your investment in the medium term, and not only that but to begin €œat least to gain€ for your pay and the autosostenimento of the same, while the capital of your new company is kneaded.
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