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Your business has 4 years of life!

Statistics indicate that almost hourly a new business of the planet is created somewhere and each initiates filled with expectations, dreams and of aspirations of sustainability in the short and medium term.

Many make it to take an opportunity or to subrellevar an economic crisis in their region; but more important still they initiate because the flame of the undertaking in an individual born or formed for the businesses ignites.

All business crosses a greater or smaller planning as far as logistics, finances and publicity but285 this last one nowadays is relegated to outlines of almost bombardeantes and noisy offers of product and the supply.

The possible buyers and I publish generally by his side, know of memory the techniques of the old school, so no longer I am so simple to motivate to them with the old school of €œI sell€, as reason or sufficient impulse so that somebody buys, by very friend who is.

Change of businesses

As real data, we found that an enormous amount of companies in cities as Manhatan closes their doors due to the hard competition in the companies that work in the cloud whose office is €œvirtual€ and their businesses become preferential and almost absolutely from Internet: The list abraca from flowers, fruits and errands several that practically €œsolve€ the life many and as whole streets close their doors to move to definitively to the digital commerce, the businesses that are undergoes the phenomenon of the €œghost towns€, this time: Ghost commercial sectors, where no longer possible buyers journey (now cybercompradores)

The world of the communication and publicity usually is divided between a debate of opinions with respect to the importance of being present in certain mass media.

The reality nowadays, is that if a brand occurs to know openly and in the greater amount of places, having realised a strategy of comunicai³n and loyalty, it will gain almost immediate reputation causing greater flow.

But, how it is possible that your business is in death danger, even though your sales estan more or less well at the moment?

€œReal€ presence in Social Networks

According to our data 90% of the companies, fotolia_1525877_XSthat they count on presence in at least one social network does not know to use it suitably or they do not have time to realise those updates.

That majority of the businesses has left its account in the social networks and not even it even updates it. And this is extremely detrimental as much for its image as for its easy access of possible clients and buyers eager and full of information welcomed by Internet preparations to choose what they want or previously they have marked.

And not only that, not to count on a website not only rejects openly but also it obstructs new opportunities of growth and development.

A website is your house or the €œhouse of your business€, a place and strategically important point where you apply all the appropriate techniques to obtain the awaited impact what it is translated in more sales.

When you are not interested:

What happens if you do not update, or if simply you decide to omit your presence in Internet? For example: Nfotolia_3916112_XSor to have a webpage. Then according to the rightest analysts, your business is in danger serious to diminish its impact, is present at and sales until almost being reduced to anything in the next years, where the consumers (even but the small ones) are connected to the effective information in Internet and all activities realise half through same.

 Happily everything has solution if in time treats it. Now already you know what changes to realise for being able to assure to you that your business continues living by many years and improves greatly its sales more.

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