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What is the Crowdfunding?

When you need to send a personal or enterprise project ahead, and you do not have the money necessary to do it, it is common to incline to resort to some type of traditional funding: to request an subsidy, a bank credit or perhaps the help of relatives and friendly.

In these days, nevertheless, thanks to the information technologies we counted on other alternatives, as she is the one of crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding or micropatronage, in Spanish, consists of cre453701e36e2e2fbf657af1dfb666eb3bar a network of collective financing using the information technologies, in order that by means of economic donations or of another type, it is managed to fund a certain project in exchange for rewards and participation of altruistic form.

A category exclusive as far as projects does not exist thematic or to which crowdfunding as financing source is applied.

Crowdfunding can be used for beneficial aims, individual or collective causes, musical or artistic projects, political campaigns, social financing of debts, projects, creation of companies, among others.

How work does crowdfunding generally?

  • The entrepreneur (creative) raises to the project a platform Web. In her he will indicate the description, necessary amount, time of collection and rewards.
  • Some projects are valued of communitarian form, others values them the selected platform.
  • The time determined of the project, 30 is indicated, 60, 90, 120 days.
  • The maximum is due to promote that is possible.
  • Specific the aim of the term. It is that it is managed to fund or no.


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What is crowdfunding?


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