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To be bilingual and to prevail in the labor market

To know other languages in a world that, thanks to the globalisation, has forced to us to be bilingual and to practically forget to us our mother tongue, is definitively a great advantage at the time of looking for a new use. The numbers do not lie: at the moment, almost 60% of the supplies of use demand that the candidate dominates a second language. But what languages take the baton? We put ourselves to investigate and we found much truly interesting information, thus you will be able to choose the language (or languages) that more agrees to you to learn to prevail in the labor market. Next, the fruits of our investigation:

English and the German continues taking the advantage in the list of the languages more demanded by

To know more of a language
89.5% of the present supplies of use demand the English as second language

employers, especially concerning the sectors of engineering, finances, new technologies and health. Nevertheless, according to recent studies, five languages are those that will reign between the use finders during this year. For our surprise, those languages are: Italian, Portuguese, German, French and omnipresent the English.

89.5% of the present supplies of use demand the English as second language, so it is hour to stop delaying it and register during his preference. The French arrives at the list being the official language in more than 30 countries and as one from the five official languages of the United Nations; standing out in the tourist and pharmaceutical sector. The German, or the second spoken language more in the European continent, also stands out in the tourist sector, in addition to the mentioned ones previously. Perhaps most surprising of this list he is to find with the mother tongue of all the nonnas us, the Italian, which has had an impressive height in recent years in Europe, especially in Spain. The apogee of Brazil as first economic power in Latin America takes it to appear in this small list, being in addition the official language in six countries: the future near dot very well for the Portuguese.

There is something more we must say so that they leave running to learn a second language? If they need a little more motivation, an economic report indicates that the people who dominate one second language in the United States obtain income of at least 10 thousand dollars per year over those who only speak a language. It is hour to leave to fill the pockets! Your search of use begins here:


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