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Millennials: They arrived to remain

picture3We have heard speak of them, they are in all sides, they surround to us, this generation of people born between 1984 and 2004: millennials. These are identified very little with the way in which baby boomers, been born between 1946 and 1964, has decided to label them. In the 2013, the famous Time magazine decided to place them in its cover and to describe them as the generation I, I, I (€œThe Me, Me, Me Generation€). They describe them as sluggish narcissistic that still lives with their parents. Nevertheless, everything is not lost, continue explaining the reasons for which we will be the salvation of the previous generation.

Apparently, their abilities with the social networks and the technology generally will be as much their salvation as their undoing. Its great potential for the handling of the technology and to create new tendencies is what it more draws attention to them to the employers. Nevertheless, many heads of human and recruiting resources catalogue them as precarious workers. For which reason? Apparently, its attachment to the social networks turns them into people eg³latras in search of the approval of the majority. This also means that they know to remove benefit the same and that they know what agrees or not to publish to make see better them. Who says that they cannot even do the same by a brand of clothes or a law firm?

For the previous generation, that one that it had to strive until a physical level to obtain hispicture4 present job, millennials wants everything in silver tray and they always look for the fastest route. Perhaps this is not necessarily something negative. The fact to use the technology to its favor to obtain a rapidity that before was not there and thus obtaining better results is definitively its strength. Perhaps it is hour of which more their heads open a little to their ideas thus to be able to adapt better to these times. Caleb Melby, columnist of the Forbes magazine, it could not have expressed better: €œInstead of stagnating in the subject of our youth and to ask envelope how we can be more compatible in the responsibilities that require of us the companies, I summon to that the work to innovating proposals is opened. Integrate to us correctly and we, millennials, will put to dance to their companies€.

This new generation not only can influence to a company in the technological aspect, are also able to contribute to the aesthetic part of the labor scope. The work space has come changing exponentially in the last years, were the offices of nowadays a perfect open space to improve the communication between the employees and to create a nicer atmosphere. The creation of areas to socialize as the hungry kitchen/or a room of rest is completely ideal ideas to maintain your satisfied employees and to increase their yield at work.

According to a study realised by Global Universum, in 2020, millennials will form 50% of the workers, whereas in the 2025, will represent 75% of the total of the world-wide workforce. If in four years more than half of the workforce it will be composed by millennials, it is hour to put itself to work and to begin the transition process since the time happens flying.

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