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The devil dresses in fashion in the real world

For us, the lovers of the fashion and the tendencies, the subject of the clothes for the work can be a little complicated because always we entered the dilemma to go with classic (and the sometimes boring) suits of factory, or risk to us and use the tendencies fashionable to go to the office.

picture1Bond the pain to risk? To change to the sober suit of trousers or skirt with jacket it is allowed? We can get dressed in fashion at work? All these are questions that we become every morning or every night €“ depending on the hour in which we prepare our attire. For all these questions, the answer is YES! , as long as we have a little moderation, that is in fashion does not mean that he is appropriate for the work.

However, how to know what is most appropriate to use at work without falling in the typical suit of factory? We left next some suggestions them, that come more loaded from a little common sense than of tendencies and fashion.

Accessories: Neither many nor very few. What it is usually recommended is the trio of ring, clock and earrings or earrings. Nevertheless, a discreet bracelet to complete the look never is of more. As far as the ring and bracelets, everything will depend on your work and the situation in which you are in the same. If it is a more accidental atmosphere, you will be able to risk a little more to you, but never you exaggerate. If you go to a meeting of work or an interview, I know a little more conservative, you will have to transmit seriousness and responsibility with your attire. It remembers that the purse is an accessory more, chooses one that is appropriate for your attire. The black is must have that cannot lack in your closet, it combines with absolutely everything and it transmits seriousness and elegance. Nevertheless, if you use outfit black, dare to you to use purses of colors or with printing being combined them with moderation with the rest of your attire.

Colors: Neither so serious nor a clown. The traditional colors for the office always have been the black, the gray, the brown one, blue dark and the beige. Often we can always become bored when staying besides the combinations among them, but it thus does not have to be. We can combine our typical attire with a purse, a pair of shoes or a more colorful necklace. This way, we can add the colors of the season to our attire without leaving to us the label. Also, we can risk to us to use red, blue oranges and more brilliants with another article of neutral color. For example, black trousers with a red shirt, a golden or black clock and some earrings that match to him, are not out of place and are something little traditional.

Articles: neither short, nor fit, nor I am transparent. These are the three basic rules that we must respect at the time of selecting our attire. It is the article that is, we cannot infringe no of these rules because, to do it, we could be happening of the professional to vulgar or the exhibitionist since ours atueno does not adapt to working environment. So we avoid the blouses I am transparent or, if we are going them to use, we place one underneath franelilla not to show more of the due thing. As far as the skirts and dresses, neither minis nor fit, we let minis and the short dresses social meetings or to go to dance.

Blazers: He is infallible to have one of these in our closet. The black cannot lack. It sees this picture2it pledges as a true tool transforms attires. With her you will be able to turn an informal or less accidental attire into something appropriate to go to the work. Very useful to complement dresses and skirts to give a more elegant and formal touch to the combination of the day. In addition, it avoids that you are involved in the traditional suits of trousers so that you can combine much more bold pieces without leapfrogging to you professional.

The important thing at the time of dressing for the work is to have a little common sense, objectivity and moderation with respect to what it pledges or accessory or is not adapted for the work. The office and the meetings of work are a thing, the exits and social meetings are another thing. It remembers whenever for every moment and event a suitable attire exists.

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