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Webpage or movable application

Memory for some years when most of our information was stored in our computers. A time in that we endorsed everything what we could, or it seemed to us beautiful or interesting in our hard disks. That task that left many €œdestroyed lives€ and lost histories when the equipment was damaged and we had not endorsed much of our information in no other means.

Although that was not it everything. The worse thing than could happen is that €œvaluable€ content stored for some reason, it became so difficult to find that we preferred to return it search in the Web, and to buy it.

The same happened to the programs. There were some who installed everything what they found in Internet, saturating their computers of processes that never took care. It was the time of the full writing-desks of computer of icons that the owner of the same only understood, but that was annoying to whatever top with them.

The thing is not very different with the movable applications. There are some who affirm that the movable applications are the future of software. I doubt much of it. At the moment he has until a ten of applications that do the same. and other million that make different things. The question is that the cost of making an application of innovation versus the benefit that represents that it is affected with the applications of leisure that exist in abundance and with an objective market that superposes them to those of true utility. These apps of games leave the cellular ones with exhausted their battery, megas and resources.


To it sum©mosle that being a mobile very personal equipment, is horrible to have search an application in the directory of apps installed when you have tens of them.

The tendency that approaches the reality in the future, consists in line of compatible applications with small screens.

The applications in line and webpages grant freedom to him to the user, whom it does not have to unload and to install nothing, that it does not have to jeopardize the resources of his mobile or computer. And that can enter and leave your Web when it likes.

So far it is my plan A. While something functional is not invented that it replaces to a screen.

My suggestion in this field is that before deciding to you on what is your ideal platform you could be asked:

Who will be the users of my app?

Whatever I have to invest so that the users of my app use it?

That monetary benefit I will receive by this app?

How I will receive the return of the investment that I will do?


It would seem that all tour around the economic aspect and operative. The nontake into account these points, will take to invest in something not U.S.able to you, which is a weakness of both platforms.

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