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The marketing of the love

To bomb of publicity to the style €œPurchase€ is a practice here that lasted some years and that as usuary it made us unbearable sail by the Web.

Happily, with the passage of the years, that control the traffic (so to speak) seeking as Google and Yahoo, and social networks as Facebook and Twitter have realised significant changes to give to their users a experience him of quality and this form to conserve them.

Consequently, we found two important events in the modern Internet. One of them in 2012 with the change in the algorithm search of Google. Another case happened recently, November of 2014, with the new policies of Facebook. This has caused that many businesses undergo a fall of their position in the finders. In social networks, something similar happened because the publications of the brands every time are less, making patalear until a most expert in the matter.


What means all this?

The result of these measures, consists as much of a change of paradigm of the representatives of the companies as of those who manage their strategies in line:

  • Today is obligatory them Webs to be optimized so much for user as for navigator, that is to say that does not matter where they are opened, must turns well and to be functional.
  • The content must contribute a value, to be interesting and useful to the visitor.
  • Now he is the user who above decides if these in feeds and finders, independiete of the money which you invest (although this last one can catapult to you).
  • A fan or a subscriber is it really when your brand enlists.


How I attract new users with the present rules?

There it is where Marketing enters €œlove€, also Inbound call Marketing that consists of approaching the client, not with your product but based on its interests. It is to construct a relation with ©l/ella so that one feels impelled to subscribe or to follow your updates, because it interests your content to him (images, videos, tutorial, etc.)

For this we must focus not only in moving it, but also understanding his common interests, behavior or habits of the day to day, instead of his habits of consumption, in addition, to that is related, and other conditions that help to appeal us to the individual and not to the buyer. Then to arrive at him when one is looking for contained related to the DNA of our ideal client.

Which is the difference with the old tendencies?

The main difference is that we did not arrive at a client in fried to try to sell a product to him, but we attract it of natural way, by means of contents of equipment for them.

Some tools to obtain to Inbound Marketing are: Social networks, blogs, videos, white Webinars, Pages, etc. All of them oriented to lead the greater amount from traffic to your Website, once in your territory you will be able to direct it to buy your products.


Useful advice

In other words, you must focus in:

  • That the usuary one enjoys the passage by your website or fan page (Experience of User).
  • To attract your future client by means of useful content for him or she.
  • To take care of each subscriber although does not describe as client since each can become evangelist of your brand.
  • To manage that the visitor remains in your site the greater amount of time, as much to turn it into fan and buyer, as obtaining that seeking as Google maintains to you above in their results search.

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