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The advantage to work with crazy businessmen

One of the great challenges but which I have had myself to face as entrepreneur, has been to have to reunite to me with traditionalistic businessmen and employees without vision.

An employee without vision, not only delays you in your projects, but if you are not careful, can infect you of its optics of €œrear view mirror€ limiting your creativity and perspective. They are people with excuses for almost everything, and that if you try to demolish some, will be to you as frustrating as to try to throw a concrete wall of with a mallet of hand soon finding you with another wall to centimeters of distance.

These, next to the traditionalistic businessmen are characterized by a great fear to innovate, that although does not pronounce directly, becomes very evident when you present innovating projects to them. In fact, they were the last ones who changed their typewriter by a computer.

Nevertheless, this is not it everything, also suffer of acute skepticism. Reason why they doubt everything, does not stop to protect itself of frauds, but to protect itself of all, and despise I devise that are less than 20 or 10 years old in the market or of experience. These are the one who base their advertising strategy on the age of their business.

Snobbish man

The traditionalistic businessmen take a linear business, and except for rare cases, they do not have designed a real system, but they take to his businesses as overseers or caciques, even though they have contracted already more than 100 employees.

This type of businessmen, as well as used me has done to lose much of my valuable time, but also money, because they try to make a hybrid between his old world and new that they have ahead, which sincerely does not work.

He is by that I changed the profile of my ideal client (not one platonic one). This client is to whom I give priority him when she is to make businesses.

Because I prefer to work with this type of client/enterprising businessman/?


  1. Although all we have fear at some time, this one type of businessman assumes risks when it must. He is somebody that takes care of its money but it has sense of smell for the opportunities.
  2. They accept that everything does not know it but never they stop learning.
  3. Totally they are opened to new concepts and ideas.
  4. They look for opportunities and talent and they not only review Leaves of Life.
  5. They are ambitious, that is to say, their goals always are lifted. They want to grow but not €œsomeday€, but they have vision of a constant and dynamic progress.
  6. And but the important thing. They are true €œcrazy people€ by his business or project reason why they gamble all when they perceive the Momentum. These are the unique ones that identify it.

Personally it has gone to me very well working with these crazy people, to whom also it is necessary to know how to canalize and to even place some rules, since they are able to work everything a weekend €œwithout stopping€, except going to the bathroom and hastily to eat something.

The experiences that I had with my profile of favorite businessman, have helped me to grow, to improve my vision, to be pending of the momentum, to leave the laziness and to continue constantly learning and to invest when I must and when my sensor of €œopportunity€ activates since if something I have learned of these €œcrazy people of the businesses€ is that when the opportunity does not take advantage, surely there will be another one will do it by you.

And you, would tell me which is your type of client favorite partner?

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