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18 years the new age for the undertaking

It gives much laughter me when some €œbusinessmen€ with which I interview myself underestimate to me when I speak to them intrepidly on businesses.

In many parts still the model of enterprising O-Man woman is the typical mature O-Man woman, with whom it is possible to be spoken of €œwhich it became, or who played in tal o cual equipment in 80s or 70s€, etc.

Nevertheless, far from which many businessmen of long ago would consider as a €œreliable businessman€, not only otherwise of many parts according to I have here understood, as cases as the one of Javier Jover (22 years) who initiated its Capeasmadrid.com company to the 18 years. Its business consists of organizing great events of a professional way. The anecdotal part of all this is that usually their clients tell him €˜consults it with your head€™.

And thus many other cases, not to mention the already well-known cases as he is the one of Mark Zuckerberg who would create Facebook at the age of 20 years. But in short, that already it is a very extreme example.

Another example of great entrepreneurs is the one of Jordi Alc¡raz (18 years) who already counts on 59 franchise-holders of its company Group Outlet Trips (the name explains in question the business). He initiated his company to the 17 years.

Another international example is the one of founding Ray Land of Fabulous Lines Coach, company of luxury buses. Its business began just by in a 2004 bus of second hand and with hardly 17 years. Today it counts with 200 employees and thousands of clients.

But without going to me very far, in my city (Machala €“ Ecuador) it is possible to find successful very young businessmen but with much energy.

One of them is Ximena Nagua (23 years) who created Pasarella an Academy and very prestigious and successful Agency of Models, whose list of students grows and grows as the foam. Personally I have remained fascinated by the professionalism and the energy with which this company is handled.

On the other hand I would like to mention Jorge Prado, Gustavo Belduma and Andres Tapia of the company Dingo C.L. (age 19 years), with those who I realised a strategic alliance recently. One is a software development company, who work of very professional and organized way and which in addition already they begin to gain popularity in the local market.}

And although many resist to believe it, every day will continue appearing new enterprising young people, in a world that facilitates everything by means of the modern tools of communication and the Social Networks.

As moral of this article €œwhen you are some young businessman, twice think it before doubting his abilities and his I devise, since as it says the title of this entrance, the new average age for the undertaking is to the 18 years.







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