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The Social Networks already existed without Internet

Imagine to you that you have a work meeting, or simply an go out with friends, or with your groom or bride, and which somebody interrupted saying them here €œPurchase, 10% of discount in cars€. Perhaps in some cases it works, but in majority definitively no.

In €œthe real€ life that is to say, the material, concrete or physical life, the people we communicated of the traditional form: of person to person, for the interchange of ideas and experiences. In the majority of the cases - except for when there is lack of confidence or conflicts the dialogues, or conversations they flow by themselves, and each interlocutor assumes a specific roll.

In Internet, many owners of business they think that the things are different, and worse still many businesses are created with right to assault the personal space of the people without undergoing serious consequences.

Some, customary to do sometimes what they want in his businesses, until with his clients - by that are not so or as they would want forget that at the end of accounts, when they postean, they are going to people with interests, preoccupations, needs and emotions, beings able to decide what they like and what no. But, instead of it, they publish or they communicate very enormously as if they were speaking to him to children, or more worse, to idiots.

If for you something new, I bring another news to you: The social networks and Internet generally are the means where the people have total will at the time of deciding what will consume and when.

Another very serious problem in Social Networks is that, with the purpose of not to lose users, the managers of these means are resembling them more the daily life, allowing the users to hide to the publications of a fan page and until whole categories, of his feed of the news. Imagine to you! As a person would avoid some €œtoo heavy€ well-known friend or.

to hide

The solution to all this is to change your paradigms and to remember how they are our conversations in the daily life. To express the promotions either supplies when there are them, not as a €œpurchase or€ but as when a friend, mentor or consultant, gives an advice you, a suggestion that it does not evoke to your pocket but to your latent needs, yearnings, and desires as as much deep to satisfy them.

The rest of publications or the majority of them must invoke the adult being and only maintain hooked it offering him what it interests to him or he is excellent for him.

After all, How many times you do rejected salesmen of door door? How many times you have ignored a television announcement while you talked with some person?

Once you manage to align itself with the new rules, It will continue the celebration!

Successes in your undertaking!

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