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What make your clients in their free time?

Although it seems incredible in these days still are people who do not understand rather as the Social Networks really work, or, What benefits grant to their creators or investors to him

How she is that people exist who think that the life is rose color and that all make the things by love to the planet and the humanity!

At this point of the party to anybody him she would have to seem rare when coat to collation that all that it has a profile on Facebook has had to pay for this reason, By his since they do not acquire cash to you to create a profile to you! Nevertheless, on a daily basis, whenever a postea person something, changes of state, raises a photo, but mainly every time, that you indicate a complete interest or you demonstrate to a behavior or your demographic information, you cover the quota to use this account.

Eye: I do not want to return to you paranoiac to the point of which you run to close your Facebook accounts or another social Network, because in the end they benefit so much to us as they receive to us. Simply I clarify this so that you visualize the different possibilities that you have removing started off from it.

All those €œdata€ serve to Facebook to be sold the advertisers, so that businesses as yours or mine they can be promoted. That there is of bad in it?

This fantastic system becomes annoying when inexpert people make use of this tool to send Spam, boring content, information badly focused, post excessively advertising, etc. and only is that nobody enters its Social account, with the intention of €œbuying things€ or €œto see announcements€.

Your you can remove much benefit from this almost atomic information, to sell your products to select groups, according to what they are making or their subjects of interest, their age, sex, futures events, etc.


Now, or with all this information you can be Superman or the Donkey of Shrek. In order to avoid undesirable ends it always remembers, when designing your campaigns, that must be directed to people.

How many flying, distributed by the street you think that they go to the trash without being read? That will be the destiny of your content if you do not focus it to the needs and interests of your objective public.

I hope that you put in practice these you rule to improve your future campaigns greatly, and even so that you cheer up to use this brilliant tool of businesses, if you have still not done it.




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