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The colors yes matter

When we spoke of colors, nobody has the absolute truth. Some associate the blue one with desserts, others with the technology, the yellow on the other hand is associated with the food but because and why useful all this.?


  • The colors speak of emotions.  Leatrice Eiseman writer and expert in the matter, affirms that the colors intimately are related to objects of the nature that already we know and to that we have created bonds.

Blue <=> Sky <=> Peace
Blue <=> Cold Ice <=>
Red/Orange <=> Fire/Blood <=> Heat/Passion
Green <=> Trees <=> Life

To only put some examples.

  • To be different itself from the competition. To choose a color suitably, provides to you with a unique identity. Coverall when your business goes in growth. You imagine that outside red the predominant color of Pepsi?  It give account to You of what I talk about?
  • Culture/Positioning of the colors.

Now, it returns to think about the RED color. If I place a hamburger next to a bottom of that color, that Which is the first brand that comes you to the mind? €¦  To that I talk about!

  • Studies exist that indicate the associated schemes of color with your industry, as well as related intimately to emotions. šsalos so that you do not choose a tone that does not perceive natural and congruent with the message of your brand and the personality of your company.

And as last advice, sometimes he is prudent to contract a person so that one is in charge of the Branding. Only assure that its work helps you to transfer the personality and the concept of your brand to your communications, thus multiplying your personality to you.

But mainly it uses your common sense!

Successes in everything

David Reyes

Psychology by colors


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