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This must stop!

€œThe key is to continue trying, but to do it strategically. In the traditional businesses it was improvised, now that is more than suffered€

5 years ago, it found me as the majority of the €œentrepreneurs€ of the today Internet. Seated in front of the computer of my office deciding how it would make this maintain a social network (Facebook it was more than in fashion) and what had to make to manage €œto sell€ through this page.

First I did went to begin to publish products First error!

Soon I installed an application for Facebook of a Store in line. Secondly error!

Soon I reviewed everything what it had learned in the university/institute and throughout the years and tried to apply it to design a strategy with results to perceivable pains.

After months of posteo and failure, I had the opportunity to travel to Quito, among others things to interview with the €œHead Digital Marketing to me and Social Average of Telef³nica Ecuador€ to receive certain feedback on the matter. Which collapsed for always my €œstrategy€ in Social Networks and created in me a strong commitment to review, to fit and to modify if he were necessary everything what knew with respect to:

  • How I transmit the personality of my brand in Internet.
  • Which would be my roll in each Social Network
  • How it would segment my hearing
  • And which is the behavior, habits and interests of my objective market.

That one among others things, that not to extend the story, I do not mention in this occasion.

Once I got to understand what had to do, I practically got to discuss with almost all the commercial organizational chart of the company to which it served Consulting and Specialistic as of plant in technology. Personally the typical thing of the adventurous companies happened to me: Asign©mosle the task to the one of Systems, he knows of these things. Which is the 99,9% of the times False.

The discussions that I always had with them began with something as: €œPonme this€, €œis not what I shelp that you put€ or €œbut I to you I know people X city and know what it likes€. Nevertheless, and at risk of which they call to me pedantic, something that I learned of this experience is:

  1. Usually you do not know what people want, without a previous study.
  2. What you want to publish commonly is not what people €œwish€.
  3. As important as what to place, is how to put it and at what moment.
  4. Sometimes he is more prudent to be obstinate and to tell him to your head (or same) who is mistaken, before to ruin the confidence of your community in line.
  5. The people who use Social Networks are not idiot, you cannot treat them as children.

Those and other reasons are more so that I am initiating this blog. Nowadays much people commit the same errors that I for 5 years. Definitively €œThis must stop€.

In serious, you do not have to happen for this reason, you do not have to return to invent the lukewarm water. I am here for shortening your learning curve. If you cheer up, here I will be sharing every week new tips, advice and even experiences of my day to day with the clients to whom I serve as Consultant (eye without revealing nothing confidential nor names or sectors).

In addition soon I will have a guide/factory so that you can arm your own so simple and so practical Means strategy that you save all the sufferings through which I had to happen and you take advantage of all the money that I did not waste while she learned of my errors.

For me the important thing are that we are friendly. You have some doubt exceeds how to initiate or which must be the following step to follow in your way to the success in Social Networks? You do not doubt in leaving your commentary me in the part of down.


Your friend

David Reyes H.




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Francisco Toledo
April 9, 2015 AT 8:45 p.m.

Excellent Post!
Thanks to share their experiences, served to me as much, I am inexperienced in this of the pages for companies

Alison Perez
May 8, 2015 AT 4:10 a.m.

Excellent Article

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