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In order to make money it is needed I devise €“ It knows SimSimi

Perhaps you have listened to on this new application/chat game, in which it is possible to be talked in the form of text chat with a very funny artificial intelligence (although that it depends on the point of view), and thus kill the boredom emulating the refreshingest form: €œto talk€ with €œsomebody€ pleasant one.

The point is that as all artificial intelligence, it needs to learn while grows (so to speak). The form to learn of this application is by means of the suggestions of the usuary ones on possible answers to different questions which are stored in the data base of the application.

It is therefore that, due to the great amount of young and pleasant users, this application can respond with a language that it would not have liked anything to our grandma.

But the objective of this post is to briefly analyze the commercial side of this application, that is to say, how the developer makes money.

In the first place there is interesting advertising equipment with the same: they have spread all type of gallant histories with respect to the same, since it is a created application to spy until it is a possible SKYNET for which they meet the saga Terminator.

Secondly once viralizada the application, it happens to be minted of two ways:

  • Using announcements by which she receives herself whenever a person makes a click to the same.
  • A payment option by means of which the announcements previously mentioned are not shown.

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Although a similar application called Cleverbot already existed, first really it has gotten to put itself fashionable. Which is good while its developer (it is) they manage to maintain it in the top.

Which you think that it is the cause of the success of the application: the chance, the rumors or an elaborated plan of marketing research?


This video is on bloguer proving the SimSimi application for the first time

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