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Finder of companies (services) on Facebook

I am going to be brief in this post since this option that because it had not seen it before, and that I finish finding, mainly does not look like to me very useful if you need to acquire or to contact with some service, company or commerce near your locality.

However, long ago I had noticed that each business, company or professional to promote its economic activity or offered service must €œCreate a page€ for this aim and not a personal profile.

The finder of Services, native of Facebook only can look for companies registered as such in this platform. It is for this reason, that if you have not done it correctly, your business never will appear in the results.

empresasFacebookThe common user of facebook can go to the following connection:


And to write down/to choose its city as well as to write and to select the type of company or category that it is looking for.  In our case, we placed €œDesign Web €œ.

It is very easy, and he is useful not only so that people look for a type of business but so that the companies realise business to business or businesses to each other.


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